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Best Online Tool for Pinterest Video Download Full HD via Link

You will be excited to know about a tool to download Pinterest videos. As you know Pinterest is a huge and most popular social media platform for sharing images, gifs, and videos for businesses. Definitely when you try to download from Pinterest then it is not allowed. Pinterest video downloader is the best solution for your problem. This website is the shortcut to downloading free Pinterest short and mp3 videos via link.

When I knew most people were facing problems in downloading Pinterest videos, I developed a tool that easily downloads your desired videos and images. I shared a great tool on this website that downloads your Pinterest videos in JPG, GIF, and other formats like MP4, Mov, or M4u in 1080p. Download Pinterest HD videos from mobile, laptop/computer, or tablet using Pinterest video downloader to copy and paste the link. You can also visit the Pinterest image downloader to download the images without watermark from Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media service platform that Americans developed in January 2010, that is used to share ideas using images, animated GIFs, and videos like pinboards. You can easily download pictures from Pinterest but it is not allowed to download videos and GIFs directly.


Download Pinterest videos in 1080p, 4k High Quality

Did you find the best video downloader for Pinterest that interests you? Do you want to save or download it on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet? This site lets you easily download full HD, high-quality videos, status, and stories in 720p, 1080p, and even 4k  mp4 formats. This online tool is free to use.

Don’t sacrifice video quality. Now you’ll be able to download the clear and high-resolution videos. For the best viewing experience, this tool ensures the quality of your downloading status or favorite video. You can also download & install our Pinterest video downloader APK for android.

Best Pinterest Video Downloader Mod Online

Most users want to download Pinterest images and video downloaders in one place. Here we provide both tools on our website. You don’t need to find other websites for photos or videos. Pintod is the best online tool for video downloading using links. 

Pinterest allowed short videos to be uploaded. Different platforms used different terms for short videos YouTube used shorts. Most people didn’t know that Shorts is not the term for videos used on Pinterest. At the same time, Reddit and Pinterest used the word video for videos. Whether you say Shorts or videos from our site, you can easily download Pinterest videos via a link using Pinterest Reel Downloader.

How to use Pinterest Video Downloader from Mobile?

How to Use Pinterest Video Downloader From PC/Laptop?

Step 1: Copy the Video URL

Open the Pinterest official website from your desktop/PC or laptop and copy the video URL you want to download. Just click on the URL, Select the URL, and press the Ctrl + C from the keyboard or right-click and click the copy option to copy the URL. Now, the Pinterest video URL is copied to your clipboard.

Copy the URL
Click on to Paste Button

Step 2: Paste the Link & Press the Download Button

Now you have the copied URL in your clipboard. Open the Pintod website and click on the “Paste from clipboard” button or press your keyboard’s Ctrl + V button by clicking on the input field. Now, the URL is pasted, and press the “Download” button when you press the download button video details open.

Step 3: Download the Video

You have the video thumbnail image with the video details. Here you see the video download button with video information like quality is 720px, and 1080px. Under the quality,  video extension or type is mp4, MOV, or M4v. Also, you’ll see the video size in KB’s or MB’s and download. Just click on this button and your video downloading is start.

Download the Video 2

Video Guide

I made a detailed video guide with a complete step-by-step procedure to download Pinterest videos by using a mobile, PC, or laptop.

Download Pinterest Video

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do I need to sign up to download videos?+
No, You do not need to sign up or create an account to download videos.
Is it safe for my devices?+
Yes, feel free to download videos safely using our tool. Safety is our first concern. This tool contains no virus or malware that harms your computer or mobile.
Is this tool free?+
Yes, this tool is completely free, and we’ll be happy to help people with this tool.
Does the Pinterest video downloader store the downloaded videos?+
No, Pintod does not save the user’s videos. Videos are hosted on the official Pinterest website and even we don’t save the user’s downloading history. All the user’s downloading is anonymous and safe.
Where will the videos be saved after downloading? +
When you download the videos you’ll save them in your device file explorer or download folder. It depends on the browser’s default download path. You can find the downloading status from different devices.
1. While downloading the file from smartphones you’ll see the downloading status in your status bar and by clicking on the status you’ll see the downloaded video file.
2. From Windows, see the downloading status in the browser or press Ctrl + J from the keyboard to see the downloading history.
3. From Mac, see the downloading history to press the Cmd + Shift + J
How can I use it on Android devices?+
You can use it to download videos by following the simple three steps.
1. Copy the video URL from the Pinterest.
2. Paste the URL in the
3. Click on the Download button to download the video.
How can I use it from Mac OS?+
You can easily download Pinterest videos from the Mac operating system without installing extra software by simply following the following steps:
1. From the browser open the Pinterest main website and open the video that you want to download, Copy the URL of this video.
2. Now open the pintod website and paste the URL manually or click the paste from the clipboard button to paste the copied video URL.
3. Click the download button, Now you see the video with a button in video quality like 1080P, format, and size of the video.
4. Just click on this button to download the video
Can I perform unlimited video downloads?+
Yes, you can perform unlimited video downloads without any restrictions.
Is there any limit to downloading videos?+
No, there is no limit to downloading Pinterest videos. You’ll download the videos that you want.